The main text of the report should not exceed 25 pages for IE 200 (30 pages for IE 300) including sectioning and descriptions given the font type, font size and line spacing as stated. As a general rule, Times New Roman font with a font size of 12 and 1.5 line spacing should be used. (29.09.2015)


i. Submit FORM08 in an envelope that has been closed, sealed and signed, unless the firm wants to submit FORM08 itself.

ii. Prepare and submit a CD that contains your report and related documents (For IE 300 students, CD should contain both main report and IE problem). Name of your report file should contain summer training type (IE 200 or IE 300), your ID, Name and Surname. For example you should rename soft copy of your report as IE200_200612003_HaleAkkocaoglu

iii. Get a printed copy of your ST report and submit until due date.

iv. Submissions will be made at once and to the Summer Training Secretary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submissions that do not satisfy these conditions will not be evaluated! (18.09.2015)

"Form 02:Summer Training Letter of Application" 覺n format覺yla oynamay覺n覺z ve kopyala yap覺t覺r yapmadan adresi kendiniz giriniz. (10.04.2015)